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New Beginnings Weight Loss Program

Why Insulin dysfunction might be the problem.

Our modern age diet – breads, pizza, pasta, cereal, corn- cause the pancreas to produce an overabundance of insulin.  This insulin stays in the system and puts the blood sugar level in a negative balance.

An overproduction of insulin may lead to hypoglycemia or low glycemia, which in turn may induce constant sugar cravings and weight gain. One of Insulin’s primary functions is to regulate blood sugar levels, however, it is also the hormone that facilitates the transport of fat (triglycerides) into the fat cells. Even worse, it "locks" the fat into the fat cell, preventing it from being used as a source of energy. Now, because the blood sugar has dropped (and we can’t access the fat as a fuel source) it creates "sugar cravings' and the vicious cycle begins again. In other words, an over abundance of insulin can cause weight gain.

Carbohydrates as the body’s first fuel source

Our diet works by changing your body’s fuel source to your fat reserves.   Typically your body uses three energy sources; carbohydrates, proteins (muscles) and fats. Your body always depletes its simple and complex carbs for energy first.  Carbohydrates, both simple and complex are turned into glucose, this is the “default” fuel source for your body, as it is the most efficient.  But when it is depleted, your body turns simultaneously to protein and fat for energy.

Carbohydrates can stand in the way of burning/losing fat.  The body typically stores three days’ worth of carbohydrates.  By restricting sugars (simple and complex) your body looks for alternate energy or fuel sources.  Our protocol depletes the glucose in your system completely in order to bring the body into a fat burning phase.

Protecting the Muscle Mass

How do we protect the body’s muscle mass reserves if both fat and protein (muscle) are depleted simultaneously? The foods on our plan are made with the highest quality protein.  This allows for a higher absorption rate of protein into the system.  If protein absorption is low, your body is not able to protect its muscle mass and thus you will burn muscle along with fat.   When muscle mass is lost, it lowers your metabolism, and can cause the dreaded yo-yo dieting.

Are You Ready For The Results You Deserve?

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*Although results may vary, those who follow the program have an extremely high success rate. New Beginnings Weight Loss guarantees at least 20 pounds of weight loss by the end of your entire program. If you kept all of your appointments and followed the system as detailed in your manual but did not lose at least 20 pounds, you will have your program extended until the total weight loss reaches 20 pounds, with all associated costs paid by New Beginnings Weight Loss.

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