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Program Supervisor

Sarah Warninger

Hi! I’m Sarah and I’ve been in charge of New Beginnings Weight Loss at for over six years.

My favorite part of this job? Enjoying my client’s milestones with them; both big and small. From celebrating a successful week; to feeling pride for sticking with the program during a tough month. I love seeing pictures of my clients in a new outfit they were excited to fit into again or for the first time.

I like to encourage weight loss “stepping stone” goals along the way. Every time a client reaches and surpasses a stepping stone, we feel accomplished and re-energized!

While I try to make our client meetings fun and upbeat, there are more serious aspects involved. It’s humbling to witness our program help improve someone’s overall health. After only a few weeks on the program; many people experience lower blood sugar levels, and lower blood pressure. After health check-ups with their primary care doctor, many patients are able to reduce or stop taking some medications. In addition, my clients have reported sleeping better and less knee and leg pain. Since this diet helps regulate insulin levels, most people on the diet experience more energy without the “energy crashes” they were experiencing before.


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